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We are pleased to announce we will be hosting our Winter Scented Soirees once again this Winter of 2016. These are by invitation only. Go to Scented Soirees page.





Damask Perfumery

Damask Perfumery is a Brisbane, Queensland-based boutique fragrance development laboratory dedicated to serving the needs of industries requiring fragrance for their products. We manufacture and wholesale fragrance as required by the client. We also design and create Fine Fragrances for the individual; the Couturier seeking to market their own signature scent; and retailers specialising in Perfumery.


Our aim is to produce the highest quality fragrances tailored precisely to our clients' needs as cost-effectively as possible. We perceive there is a niche that needs to be serviced and we aim to offer the best service! If you require an aroma for a specific application, whatever it may be, we will create that aroma. Read more of the Story of Damask Perfumery.





Est. 1978

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