Fine Perfumery

Over the years Damask has created many Fine Fragrances both for others to market under their own labels, and our own in-house Eau de Parfums. We stock well over sixty perfumes spanning the entire fragrance spectrum from fresh exhilarating Green Notes through Maritime/Ozonics, Florals, exotic Orientals, Woody Notes and classic Chypres. The following pages list our Fine Fragrances and high quality Perfume Oils.



When most people hear the term "Perfumery" they immediately think of Fine Fragrance- perfume worn for personal adornment marketed by couturiers and elite Perfume Houses. This is the tip of the Perfume Pyramid, the crowning achievement of the perfumer's art. The larger area of fragrance manufacture is that intended for scenting products ranging from cosmetics and hair care products to soaps, candles, incense and much more. Refer to our Industrial page for more information on this aspect of perfumery. The use of the full spectrum of perfumery raw materials (essential oils, resinoids, floral absolutes, isolates, and lab-created aromatics) permits the creation of the most spectacular perfumes possible wherein one is limited only by one's imagination.

Eau de Parfum

Perfume Oils