Striking Matches

In cases where an industrial fragrance is no longer available, or the source of the original fragrance is unknown, our perfumer will create a formulation to match the original aroma. Ideally a sample of the perfume to be matched should be provided. If this is not possible a small sample of the product containing the fragrance is helpful. A Brief outlining the nature of the product to be perfumed, volume required, and an estimated budget will facilitate the process. We will prepare a sample, submit it to the client who then can test the fragrance in the appropriate product. If the fragrance performs and is to the client's satisfaction, the formula is locked in and we go into production. The turn-around time for this is usually one week depending on the client's rapidity of response.

New Creations

Where a perfume is required for a new product Damask can create a fragrance specifically tailored to the job. We need to know the medium (e.g. shampoo) to be scented, the type of aroma desired (e.g. pomegranate), volume and estimated budget. Supply us with these details and we will supply you with a sample.

Fine Fragrance

Damask Perfumery has created many Fine Fragrances for other companies to market under their own brands. This includes couturiers & designers, and wholesalers & retailers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the development of a new perfume for the luxury market. We require a detailed description of the nature of the perfume to be created, the intended market (male? female? youth? outdoors? evening? etc), and volumes required. There is a design fee for this service.

Bespoke Perfume

We have on a number of occasions created a Fine Fragrance especially for a fortunate individual. This process requires a personal interview in which we discover the exact tastes of the person for whom the fragrance will be originated. After the interview a formulation is designed and an experiment compounded. A sample is submitted to the client for evaluation. If the fragrance meets expectation we produce 500 ml of Eau de Parfum. If all is not to satisfaction further experiments are undertaken until the client is completely happy. There is a fee for this process.

Ambient Aromas

Damask Perfumery has gained a reputation for the development of unique aromas intended to scent a defined space with a specific ambience. One example of this was the request from a colonial heritage museum to reproduce the  aroma of stale mutton fat for a display depicting a 19th century kitchen. Another example was the provision of the aromas of Jungle, Soil and Sea for a theatre company production. Another was the creation of the aroma of Wild Honey for an audio-visual instillation in an art gallery. We pride ourselves on being able to create the aroma of anything that has a smell!

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